Boyce Avenue Gives Chilling Rendition Of Coldplay’s ‘A Sky Full of Stars’; Band To Do Hard Rock Music

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Boyce Avenue Gives Chilling Rendition Of Coldplay’s ‘A Sky Full of Stars’; Band To Do Hard Rock Music
Boyce Avenue planning on doing hard rock music.

Boyce Avenue recently sang in the “The Late Late Show” with James Cordon to celebrate YouTube’s 10th anniversary. What did the band perform? Are they really planning to release hard rock music? Read on for more details.

Women audience swooned over Boyce Avenue as they give their rendition of Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars.”

Starting with the lines “‘Cause you’re a sky, cause you’re a sky full of stars/I’m gonna give you my heart/‘Cause you’re a sky, cause you’re a sky full of stars/‘Cause you light up the path,” lead vocals Alejandro Luis Manzano made a wonderful entrance as they cadence to the song’s upbeat lines. Percussion player Daniel Manzano then hit the cymbals with Fabian Manzano giving harmony through his picking as the band sings its way through the end, making the overall performance chilling.

Boyce Avenue definitely gave justice to Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars.” And at the end of their number, James Cordon went upstage, is impressed at group especially at Manzano’s drum and percussion play.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Boyce Avenue! Wonderful drums!” Cordon said as the crowd went crazy at his “The Late Late Show.”

Boyce Avenue started posting songs in YouTube since 2007 and has become one of the most popular artists today. In fact, the American rock band is a sensation, having more than 7 million subscriptions and a whopping record-breaking of 2 billion views just last month.

The trio usually uploads songs of popular artists such as Bruno Marz, The Script, Ed Sheeran and sing them as if they were their own, playing according to their style – relaxing acoustic. However, acoustic seemed not only the genre they are planning.

In an interview with Sound of Boston, the band is seeing the future of their music leaning towards a little of hard rock as well as Puerto Rican music.

“We actually have thought about that, as well as including some salsa or meringue. We have a lot of ideas that we want to try out, especially hard rock, like the Black Keys and Cage of the Elephants kind of sounds,” Fabian said.

It seems the future is bright for the band. Currently, the trio will be having a show in Australia on Sep. 25-27, United Kingdom on Oct. 9-16, Germany on Oct. 18-19, Belgium on Oct. 20, and Portugal on Oct. 24.

For now, enjoy the latest cover of Boyce Avenue, “Beautiful Soul” by Jesse McCarney.

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