Brad Pitt acted as ‘the smartest guy’ says ‘The Big Short’ director

By Ruma Saha | 2 years ago
Brad Pitt acted as ‘the smartest guy’ says ‘The Big Short’ director
Photograph of Poster of “The Big Short” showing Brad Pitt in the movie.

Brad Pitt, the Hollywood actor and husband of famous Hollywood actress Angelina Joli has been called “the smartest man” by the director Adam Mackay. In a recent report published by Hollywood Reporter says that the film “The Big Short” is premiered in New York City which was the epicenter of global meltdown around 2007.

The film is produced by Plan B Entertainment which is owned by Brad Pitt. The total budget of the film is said to be $28 million. In the film, Brad Pitt is shown as greedy man and his greed is unrestricted. Justice is shown as elusive.

The report says that Brad Pitt has shown disgust for this type of people in real world. The movie has shown the cause and the effect of financial meltdown which started in Wall Street. This meltdown left millions of people entangled in loan trap, which made them homeless. Brad Pitt says that through the film he want to make people aware of the reason behind that meltdown.

Design&Trend reported that the plot of “The Big Short” is the true story of a group of bankers who predicted the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 and has betted against the market. They made millions out of that crisis.

A report published in the Globe and Mail says that Brad Pitt plays a small role in the film. Even though the film is from his own production house, he has not played the lead role in it. In the film, his name was Ben Rickert who was the smartest guy of all. He had seen the meltdown coming and had come out of its effect in a smart manner. After that he started his own business.

The Globe and Mail published in a report that Brad Pitt is quite a smart man in the city and is well known for his generosity. He has built houses for homeless in the city and does other charitable works very often. The report further says that in the interview Brad Pitt had talked about how he met his director and planned his movie.

The film has been nominated for “Golden Globe Award.” Director Adam Mackay further added that the presence of Brad Pitt is very vital in the film. His role is the real role in the film. The film has been screened in Toranto recently.

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