Brad Pitt Is Confident That Angelina Will Be a Force To reckon With

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Brad Pitt Is Confident That Angelina Will Be a Force To reckon With
Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt is fully confident about his superstar wife’s potential. Pitt feels that Angelina Jolie has many more exciting film ideas in her mind.  The doting husband feels that this is just the beginning of Jolie’s journey as a filmmaker in Hollywood.

They met when shooting for the movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” in the year 2005 and the rest is history. Pitt married Jolie in 201 and has been raising their six kids together. It is evident to the world that that the couple makes an excellent team both while they are on, as well as, off camera. Perhaps that’s the reason why this duo is back with the film “By the Sea”.

And, Jolie has written and directed the movie. Pitt is confident that this would definitely not be his wife’s last movie as a filmmaker.

Brad Pitt was speaking to the Glamour Magazine in Germany when he said that they have to wait and watch. He replied so when queried upon on the direction in which their careers in Hollywood might take. However, he was confident about Jolie’s potential as a filmmaker and he feels it has just begun.


He also said that whenever his wife desires him to team up with her, it would always be a yes from his side.

There is no doubt that “By the Sea” is a highly anticipated film for the fans and loyalists of this power couple all over the world. But Pitt wants to reduce his work. Now that he is a big family to take care of, it is quite natural that he would like to spend more time with his children.

The actor said that the process of slowing down his pace has already been started. Earlier he used to take up to 3 projects in a year but currently he is making only one movie in a year.

This is partly because of his desire to see his children growing up. However, now he also finds a different aspect of this movie making business much more lucrative. He would be definitely interested in producing movies in the near future.

It is obvious that Brad Pitt wants to reduce his work in front of the camera, but he is not fussy about being a big celebrity. He is not at all complaining about seeking attention and has learnt how to say the all important word ‘no’ finally.


Picture Source: Facebook/Angelina Jolie

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