Brad Pitt Getting Violent; Divorce With Angelina Jolie Might Take Place in November

By Pradeep Singh | 2 years ago
Brad Pitt Getting Violent; Divorce With Angelina Jolie Might Take Place in November

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the most favorite couple in Hollywood are reportedly on the verge of a divorce, thereby putting an end to their marriage. This has put Pitt under intense pressure, making him more violent than ever. Will they sign the divorce papers? Read on to know more.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage is really not working and they are likely to reach out to a divorce in November, the July 27 edition of In Touch Magazine reported. Pitt is having some serious temper tantrums, which was witnessed by the media and many other onlookers at an airport when he lashed out at the paparazzi. The actor was seen throwing his bag at the photographers to keep them at bay. However, in the past, the calm and cool actor has always been nice to them.

Pitt is crumbling to the divorce rumors, and it has resulted in a huge change in his behavior. Pitt is not only getting angry but also getting intolerable to everybody. He was recently seen blowing up on the cast and crew of his movie “The Big Short”.

Pitt has been married to Jolie for less than a year. It seems like the stress of moving apart has totally changed an affable and easy going Pitt.

Brangelia is expected to announce a divorce in November after the premiere of their movie together “By The Sea.” The film has been written and directed by Jolie, while Pitt is working hard on his role.

As per insiders, “Brangelina” has to be together for promoting the movie and ensuring its success. After that they will call it the day to quit. A crack in their relation is said to have allegedly come after Pitt confessed that he still has deep feelings for his ex-fiancée who cheated on him. This led many to think if Pitt is cheating on Jolie.

Is Brad Pitt really cheating on Angelina? Are they really going to quit each other in November? Will they be able to overcome their differences? Share your views in the comments below.

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