Brad Pitt spotted in LAX with a new Steel Cut Hair Cut

By admin | 4 years ago

Brad Pitt has recently been spending a lot of time in Australia where his wife, Angelina Jolie has been directing her new WWII Biopic, Unbroken. However, very recently he was spotted entering Los Angeles airport alone.

Not only was he alone but he had a stunning new look which kind of reminds us of his prime. Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

Brad Pitt
The super star was sporting a fresh hair cut with a navy hoody, black leather jacket and black drawstring pants. He coupled his attire with gold chains around his neck and a pair of raybans.

His hair was cut in a near-mohawk with closely shaved sides and longer and slicked back on the top.

He sported gray whiskers on his chin and a faint mustache.

He was recently working with Shia Labeouf working in the War drama, Fury. The movie as it seems wasn’t easy on Brad as his co-star had decided to get fully into character by deciding not to take a shower in order to fully feel the way his character would. This predicament proved a bit disturbing for both Brad and the rest of the cast and crew as well.

Brad and his family
Apart from that, Brad and his wife Jolie, according to reports have been thinking of adopting yet again. If you want to know more about Brad and Jolie’s Adoption decision then click here.

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