Brad Pitt Takes On Costco: Angelina Jolie’s Husband Wants To Ban Crowded Chicken Cages

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Brad Pitt Takes On Costco: Angelina Jolie’s Husband Wants To Ban Crowded Chicken Cages
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt takes a stand against cruelty towards poultry in a new letter to Costco CEO, Craig Jelinek, released via the website

Brad Pitt is into social responsibility in a big way. He recently wrote a letter to the Costco CEO, Craig Jelink, about their chicken cooping policy, MTV News reported recently. In doing so, Brad Pitt joins the league of celebrities who have spoken on the issue and have taken a stand against it. Notable among those taking a stand are Ryan Gosling and Bill Maher.

Pitt took a stand against Costco’s policy to coop up 5 or more birds in cages which aren’t even big enough for one bird to spread its wings. He claimed that this sort of living arrangement causes muscular atrophy in the birds’ wings and might even cause diseases to spread among the birds caged this way.

A diseased bird is bad news for companies like Costco, because if the bacteria get transmitted to human consumable goods like food dressings or other food items via eggs or meat of the birds, a sizeable population might be affected. Contaminations of this sort have forced many companies to recall eggs and poultry products from the shelves of supermarkets in the past. Most recently a ranch dressing was recalled in the US because of the fear of contamination via eggs.

Costco had previously agreed to implement a policy that would stop the cooping of animals and birds. It had made a commitment towards implementing the policy no later than 2022, but has failed to act on that front so far.

Brad Pitt was taking a stand on behalf of an animal welfare organization called Farm Sanctuary on a website called The one-page letter delivered via email urged Costco to be more humane towards poultry and animals that Costco farms for meat, eggs, or dairy.

Photo Source: Facebook/ Brad Pitt

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