Brad Pitt’s Exes hang out together at the Golden Globes

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It is a shame that Brad Pitt sat this year’s Golden Globe awards. However, we think that he made the right choice as both of his exes, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston were at the Golden Globes and were hanging out together. Not only were the two beautiful women hanging out together, they were laughing away in a joyful mood, possibly discussing Brad?

Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow
Both ladies stunned the crowd as both wore and pulled off their black out fits. While Jenny looked great in her dress, our eyes seem to wander more towards Gwyneth. Gwyneth sported a nice, cleavage baring dress which was just a tad bit too revealing (though it was no doubt very sexy).

And while Aniston wasn’t in attendance for the actual awards ceremony, Paltrow was spotted inside sitting next to her hubby Chris Martin.

The two stars even took a photograph with singer, director, actor, Jared Leto!

Leto had his own look going with long hair and a beard on him. I think he was going for that hard man look.

But back to Paltrow, the blond beauty looked radiant when the camera cut to her sitting at one of the tables. She appeared to be dressed in a gray lace frock and had her hair effortlessly swept away from her face.

Source: E! Online

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