Bradley Cooper Dazzles With His Dance Moves

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Bradley Cooper Dazzles With His Dance Moves
PHOTOGRAPH: Western Journalism | Bradley Cooper

“American Sniper” star Bradley Cooper recently admitted that when he was younger, he used his dance moves as a ”way in” with women. Read on for more details.

Cooper was at “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and the British host revealed that he has seen Cooper in action in a party in New York City, claiming the actor has exceptional moves. (via IOL News)

When asked if that’s how he gets the ladies, Cooper cracked a joke saying, “I did well in the Bar Mitzvahs growing up. I couldn’t wait to get on the dancefloor, that was my in.”

Cooper gave in when Corden requested for a demonstration.

Watch Bradley Cooper show off his moves:

Cooper  was also with fellow actors Andrew Garfield (“The Amazing Spiderman”, “The Social Network”) and Jake McDorman (“American Sniper”, “Manhattan Love Story”). Corden jokingly told his guests that they all looked like the best boy band ever.

“We’re just four hot guys hanging out. We are like the best boy band anyone could ever create, aren’t we?” he said (via NZ City News)

“Jake is the cute one, Andrew is ‘the one with edge, and Bradley is the guy who’s everyone’s favorite little sweetheart. I’m the fat one who writes the songs. But I’m on lead vocals!” Corden added.

According to Hollywood Reporter, after the enormous success of “American Sniper”, Warner Bros. is negotiating for the rights of “Orphan X”, an upcoming book by Greg Hurwitz (“They’re Watching”, “I See You”).

Cooper is to produce and possibly star in the thriller about a man named Evan Smoak. Evan is called a “Nowhere Man,” someone who helps others, at times through violent means. A particular job draws him into a world of human slavery, engineered by a detective of the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Photo Source: Western Journalism

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