Branded Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Branded Movie ReviewAs a young boy, Misha is struck by lightning in Moscow and this has changed his fate forever. This is the premise of Branded. After recovering from the thunder bolt, his life has become extraordinary. As an adult, he becomes an advertising genius who is capable of manipulating the masses.

But Misha’s talents are undervalued by his boss, Bob. In reality, the ad agency is involved in espionage and its advertising campaigns are connected to covert intentions. Misha is aware of the truth behind the ad agency.

Then Abby, Bob’s niece from the US, arrives in Russia and they fall for each other. Misha dates Abby without Bob knowing about it. He explains to her how advertising was used in the Russian Revolution. He explains how the use of color red to the brand of the Soviet Union was an effective ad campaign.

The brand war begins when Misha’s counterpart in Polynesia is recruited by a fast food company. Misha and Abby produce a reality show called Extreme Cosmetica and things turn ugly when their overweight star goes into coma after getting plastic surgery.

But everything is not what it seems because behind all the things happening is a mysterious guru. He wants to turn people to go against the trend towards becoming slim and eating fast food again. Misha and Abby are arrested, released, and Abby leaves him to go back to America.

After a few years, we see Misha as a shepherd in rural Russia and he is found by Abby. He has a religious awakening. Abby tells him that they have a son addicted to fast food. Misha starts having visions of brands as demons behind advertising signs. He harnesses the visions to do well but the brand war continues to escalate. People turn against advertising as Misha and Abby try to save themselves.

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