Bravo Tries to Be Ambitious With 15 New Shows in Its Line-Up

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago
Bravo Tries to Be Ambitious With 15 New Shows in Its Line-Up

Bravo did a good run with its TV series entitled The Real Housewives. This year, it will try to be ambitious by adding 15 more original TV shows in its line-up.

The Real Housewives gave so much pride to the network. It will be a tough cookie to beat because it has set the bar high already. With this, the network will try its luck with 15 new shoes – two are scripted while the rest are reality-based.

All About the New Line-Up

Bravo is known for having TV shows that cater to a wide variety of audiences. Usually, their targets are ages 18 up to 50. This has been the focus of their programs. Mostly, they put these shows during primetime. They are somehow successful as they were able to put up an average of 1.1 million views.

They will continue this technique in the next TV shows that they will air. There are some TV shows in the line-up that will foster the loyalty among the viewers. Some of them are returning while some are tweaks of the previous versions of the show.

For the Scripted Series

As what was mentioned, there are two scripted series in the new line-up. These are entitled “Odd Mom Left Out” and “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce”. The first one features a mom that is struggling with other moms in the neighborhood. The second, however, pertains to a book author who is in the middle of an unstable married life.

For the Unscripted Series

Most of the unscripted series from Bravo will be about food. This includes an array of shows related to restaurants and chefs. They are also investing on ‘relationship shows’ and financial strategy shows. Some of the titles are Untying the Knot, Extreme Guide to Parenting, Game of Crowns, Ladies of London, 100 Dates, Best 100 Restaurants and a whole lot more.

They also have sets of remaining unscripted series that are not made official yet. They are still under development. The final cluster of the shows is the returning series. The Top Chef will return for its 12th season. Below Death, Thicker Than Water and many others will premiere their second season this year.

Indeed, this is a huge effort from Bravo. Fifteen new shows and a lot more in line is just way too ambitious, but it will definitely work. The only question is this: Will Bravo pull it off?

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