Breaking Bad wins the Best TV Show Award at the Golden Globes

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Though Dowton Abbey had a record breaking viewership, the show unfortunately could not get the award for best TV show. The show did manage to grasp around 3% of the American population and 13% of the British population which is well — A lot!

However, another very famed, very popular show took its place for best TV drama and that is none other than, Breaking Bad. The show had been nominated a lot of times since its debut but wasn’t able to get an ward to its name. Like the show, the actors also were constantly being nominated but weren’t able to actually win an award.

The show has finally won a Golden Globe and deservedly so as everyone saw Bryan Cranston’s journey from being a chemistry to a Meth lord over the course of the show.

Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston, the 57-year-old actor who plays White, has been nominated for in the Best Actor in a Series, Drama, consecutively since 2011, but this is the first time he has won it. Upon accepting his award, the actor said: “This is such a wonderful honour and such a lovely way to say goodbye to a show that has meant so much to me.”

Co-creator Vince Gilligan said the award gives Breaking Bad one more chance to thank its fans, “especially the early adopters”. Aaron Paul, who missed out on the Best Supporting Actor Globe to 75-year-old Jon Voight, answered in the style of his character Jesse Pinkman, saying, “Yeah, bitch, thank you!”

Source: Telegraph

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