‘Breaking Dawn’ Director Impressed With ‘Kristen Stewart’s’ Vampire Orgasm

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Breaking Dawn’ Director Impressed With ‘Kristen Stewart’s’ Vampire Orgasm
Kristen Stewart speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

The “Twilight” fever is not dying down as director Bill Condon commented on Kristen Stewart’s performance in the final two installments of the series: “Breaking Dawn” Part 1&2. And it’s not just about her acting but how she acted in a particular scene – her sex scene with Robert Pattinson.

Condon said she was impressed with Stewart’s “vampire orgasm.” A scene in “Breaking Dawn” was the first time Bella and Edward had sex and it was so steamy even viewers felt that “steam” emanating from these two. Stewart convinced viewers that she has reached orgasm in the most convincing way possible, considering the fact that they are only acting it out. There is no wonder why Condon is very impressed with Stewart’s “fake orgasm” in the movie.

Also, it helped that Stewart and Pattinson were romantically involved during the movie, which is why their chemistry was THAT strong. In fact, even if they weren’t together that time, they had awesome chemistry on-screen and that convinced viewers a lot.

Condon is very fond of Stewart and is greatly satisfied with the working relationship they formed when they filmed the “Twilight” movies. He said that he had been a fan of her prior to the “Breaking Dawn and he just loved working with the star who is smart and also committed.

“She played such an anger of feelings across a single film, from wedding jitters to death throes to vampire orgasm – I mean, if you can pull in that off, you can do anything,” added Condon.

And he’s absolutely right.

Way to go K-Stew!

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