[BREAKING NEWS] BIGBANG Confirmed Be Handled By YG Entertainment Again As They Sign Their Contracts

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
[BREAKING NEWS] BIGBANG Confirmed Be Handled By YG Entertainment Again As They Sign Their Contracts
[BREAKING NEWS] BIGBANG Confirmed Be Handled By YG Entertainment Again As They Sign Their Contracts

Finally, the discussion regarding future of BIGBANG comes to an end. There are unconfirmed reports before as to who will handle their careers after their contract with YG Entertainment expires. Others are speculating a new agency could do the work for them, but a lot more believes that staying with their current agency is the best decision for them.

According to All K-Pop, YG Entertainment released an official statement, “We’ve extended our contracts with the five Big Bang members of G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, and Seungri.”

Although the group still has 8 weeks left before their contract expires, they have come to a decision to sign their respective contract.

The action that BIGBANG have done simply confirmed the speculations about their possible contract renewal with the agency. Furthermore, it also became in line with the analysis that Sports Chosun, as cited by K-Pop Starz, have regarding important information about contracts. The publication studied about the usual practice in exclusive contracts dealt by Hallyu stars.


The article stated that majority of the artists starts to negotiate about the details of their contacts. It included the terms of agreement at least six months before their contract ends. This period will be sufficient enough for the agencies and companies who are linked to the artists to have the sufficient time in case there are adjustments. These adjustments may include endorsements, international performances, and TV shows to name a few.

A source revealed that if they won’t renew their contracts, then they would become free agents. Checking all their schedules will be an added work for them most especially they still have the “MADE Worldwide Tour” in 2016.

All these concerns are now turned into sigh of relief, primarily for the fans, since YG Entertainment completely knows how to handle big, popular groups such as BIGBANG. Moreover, they have been working with them for several years.

Photo Source: BIGBANG/Facebook


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