[BREAKING NEWS] G-Dragon And Kiko Still Together? An Insider Reveals the Status of Their Relationship

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
[BREAKING NEWS] G-Dragon And Kiko Still Together? An Insider Reveals the Status of Their Relationship

G-Dragon is indeed one of the hottest, cutest, and coolest KPop stars to ever live in this planet. Unsurprisingly, his love interest is always an interesting news for fans. It has been circulating now for quite some time of the speculated relationship between him and Kiko Mizuhara. So, what is the real score between them?

Their on and off relationship has been all over the news, despite their individual efforts to keep it a secret as much as possible. They have neither confirmed nor denied any of these allegations but eyewitnesses have spotted them together in the past.

According to the Korean publication Dispatch as cited by Kpopstarz, just last August the Bigbang leader and Mizuhara called it quits, for good. The source revealed that both stars didn’t want their emotions to meddle again in the shaky relationship they have. Celebrities have a lot to deal with and not just their lovelife; probably they believed that decision would both benefit them.


Then just recently, an entertainment insider spilled an update about them. This insider stated to Star In as mentioned by Koreaboo that even though there are news that they have split, G-Dragon and Mizuhara are “still close and intimate.” They have a toxic schedule which prevents them from seeing each another, however, they keep their communication lines open by sending text messages. The source emphasized likewise they “are keeping a couple relationship.” Apparently, distance makes them miss each other and long for one another’s presence.

This isn’t the first time there were unconfirmed reports of their on and off relationship. Even before when the allegations about them became a center of discussion, they are already experiencing those challenges.

The fans would love to know from the Bigbang hottie himself. But he has always been mum about his private life. Well, at least the groups’ American and Canadian fans will see G-Dragon and the rest in their MADE World Tour soon.

Photo Source: G-Dragon/Facebook

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