Briana Jungwirth: 5 Things You Might Want To Know About Her

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Briana Jungwirth: 5 Things You Might Want To Know About Her
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Briana Jungwirth is almost due to give birth to One Direction member Louis Tomlinson’s baby but how much do we know about her?

Fret not, as we have five things to discover about Ms. Jungwirth. Here we go (via E! News):

1. What is she really passionate about?

As sources would say that the blonde is more than just a pretty face, Jungwirth has been an up and coming stylist in Los Angeles, making a name for herself, before she met Tomlinson.

2. Is she neighbors with Kim Kardashian?

According to sources, they don’t live next door to each other but Jungwirth grew up and went to high school in Agora, which is very near the starry city of Calabasas.

3. She may be having a baby with one of the most high profile artists from the music industry but she’s really more of a low-key person—so?

Briana Jungwirth seems to have no form of social media accounts to her name; reports said that she has deleted them since the announcement of the pregnancy and with how things are going recently, it looks like it will be staying that way in the coming months even after the baby is born.

4. How did she meet Louis Tomlinson?

The duo first me earlier this year at a nightclub in LA, called Bootsy Bellows. Evidently, the two had common friends and that’s how they were introduced to each other and safe to say that the rest was—well, history.

5. She might have a lot of haters for this but it turns out Briana Jungwirth was never a diehard 1D fan.

Yes, she was into the band but according to People Magazine, she had “never been to a One Direction concert until recently.”

“Briana is a really lovely girl; she’s absolutely not interested in Louis’ fame. She’s very private, and most of the time they spend together is out of the public eye, just hanging out with their friends.” a source said.


Photo Source: Twitter/The Tour Life 1D

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