Britney Spears Is Dating Womanizer Harry Morton?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 3 years ago
Britney Spears Is Dating Womanizer Harry Morton?
Britney Spears

The restauranteur Harry Morton, who is known for his womanizing ways, was seen out on a dinner date with Britney Spears. Sources present at the occasion said that Morton looked very pleased as he got into his car after the date. Has Britney found true love at long last? Read on for more details.

Harry Morton is known to be a rake. He seems to have a penchant for the glamorous girls of the tinsel town. He has dated Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, and Lindsay Lohan in the past. He is also known to be a complete Lothario. So when this Harry met Britney, chins were set wagging.

Everybody knows that Spears is single and very available at the moment and she might just be looking to get paired with a handsome hunk like Harry Morton. The two were spotted dining together at Studio City California at a posh uptown place. And by the looks of it, fun time was had by both the parties present.

Morton was positively beaming when he got out of the restaurant and surreptitiously checked to see if anybody was looking. Apparently, the press was just as surreptitious in taking pictures of him getting into his car. If he had noticed the people taking pictures, he didn’t seem to mind the attention.

Britney Spears has had another failed relationship on her list of heartaches. The sad Charlie Ebersol affair must have taken a toll on her spirits. It is rumored that Britney had given the man a “marry me or walk the plank” ultimatum and the man just took a dive for oblivion by ditching Britney. We sure hope Britney finds a man who can love her the right way up. The lady definitely deserves a little happiness in her life. We wish her the best.

Radar Online reported the news first.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Britney Spears


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