Are Britney Spears and Harry Morton a Good Match For Each Other?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Are Britney Spears and Harry Morton a Good Match For Each Other?
Britney Spears

Hard Rock Cafe heir Harry Morton may not be a perfect match for Britney Spears. The singer is still reeling from the big emotional blow she took in the Charlie Ebersol fiasco. Furthermore, she is still under her father, Jamie Spears’ thumb and may have some trouble from him too.

HMorton isn’t a perfect match for Britney Spears as he had a complicated past to say the very least. Morton used to hang out with the infamous oil tycoon, Brandon Davis, who had a nasty habit of gambling and was often seen engaging in drunken brawls. Morton broke it off with Davis only because he wouldn’t pay the outstanding debt at Morton’s family Casino. Morton also reportedly dated Davis’ girlfriend who has a drinking problem. This just goes to show that Morton isn’t proper company for any woman.

But dissenters are whispering about Spears’ troubled past too. The singer has made some staggerring bad decisions in the past. Her marriage with Kevin Federline didn’t last and Charlie Ebersol walked away from her because she wanted him to show some commitment towards the relationship by marrying her.

The other important question here is whether Morton will be a good partner for Britney. Morton hates dogs and Britney is crazy about her dogs. Also, rakes and womanizers usually don’t do family and one wonders if Morton will be willing to play the dad to her children.

On the romance front, Morton has dated every one from Lindsay Lohan to Paris Hilton. He is supposed to have partied so hard with Lindsay that she has to be hospitalized for dehydration and Spears has emotional baggage too. It is unlikely that the couple would be a good match for each other. Spears needs to pick a man who is strong and responsible and is willing to help her become more responsible too.

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Radar Online reported the news first.

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