Britney Spears Hurt By Charlie Ebersol: Says, Men Can Suck Her Toe

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Britney Spears Hurt By Charlie Ebersol: Says, Men Can Suck Her Toe
Britney Spears

Britney Spears is still hurting from her Charlie Ebersol relationship, it seems. She was very vocal about not liking men at a recent performance and told them off for being bad to women.

Britney Spears is angry and is not afraid to show it. She told the crowd at a recent performance that she disliked men. She ranted that women were better than men. We think that this was her butt hurt talking. Britney was clearly still hurting from the Charlie Ebersol split which happened in July. Hollywood Life had revealed that she had reportedly split with Ebersol because her family didn’t like him. There were also rumors that Britney’s father didn’t want her to get married because this would jeopardize her career. He claimed that she would have to let go of everything she had achieved if she got married at this point. Apparently Britney still has some hurt inside her mind about the Charlie Ebersol split that is coming out via the performances.

Maybe her family made her give up on a man she wanted to spend her life with. Or maybe, she had some deep seated issues with Charlie Ebersol that were not resolved when they broke up. In any case, Britney Spears lashed out on men during her performance in Las Vegas and it was not pretty. She was performing at the Vegas Residency when she got all fierce about her hurt with men in general and Ebersol in particular. At any rate the tirade showed that the relationship had become toxic in some way and Britney has still not gotten over it.

She told everybody present at the show that girls are beautiful while guys can suck her f*cking toe. That comment just goes to show how hurt she really is on the inside. We sure hope that she gets over her past.

This news came via Hollywood Life Website.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Britney Spears

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