Britney Spears Puts on a Mermaid Dress to Play with Sons

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago

Britney Spears told the world how awesome she is as a mom, when she put on mermaid tail to entertain her boys on her day off.

Britney Spears has never been the one to not have fun and she’s teaching her boys to have fun too. She did a little cosplay type ensemble for her kids on the pool day, when she donned a mermaid tail to play with them by the poolside. This just went to show that the lady is exztremely fond of her kids. She showed that she is not just a regular mom who is all about discipline and learning. She also knows how to have fun with the kids.

Spears shared her photograph on Instagram which was appropriately titled, “The Mermaid Life.” She was seen donning a blue mermaid tail and sitting alongside her two boys in the photograph. The photograph can be seen here.

It was nice to see Spears taking a day off from her busy Las Vegas performance schedule, and enjoying with her boys. Her little ones are still under ten and need all the attention they can get. Her first child, Sean Preston is only nine and his brother Jayden James is a year younger.

She also posted a picture of herself with the kids having fun at a chocolate factory. The pop princess was seen sporting teal and purple hair extensions while she was visiting the chocolate factory. It is notable that the lady loves spending time with her kids. She had reportedly told the press that she had the best vacation with her kids this year, when they had spent a week in Hawaii.

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People Magazine reported the news first.

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Photo Source: Instagram / Britney

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