Broken Immigration Promises Causing Democrats to Criticize

By admin | 6 years ago

Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois is one of Congresses most vocal critics of President Obama and his immigration policies. Even though he and even his family are against Obama on immigration policy, they all will cast their ballot for him in November.

For many looking for immigration reform, the President has done nothing by disappoint. While a candidate for the presidency in 2008, Obama made a promise to enact reform in immigration, his first year as the president. That has not happened in his first term and will not happen in his presidency unless he is reelected in November.

Deportations continue and this year he is set to deport more people in just one term than his predecessor did in two terms. However, for people like Gutierrez and others pushing to put undocumented immigrants on a path to becoming legal, Obama is their only choice in November’s election.

In 2008, Gutierrez supported Obama, when other Democrats backed Hillary Clinton during the primary. Now four years later, he wants Obama to win and is helping to campaign for him. However, he will not stop his criticism of Obama.

The Obama reelection campaign is asking Gutierrez to temper his speeches that have called out the president for immigration enforcement programs and deportations. Obama’s critics in the Democratic Party acknowledge he has made immigration reform attempts and blame the Republicans for blocking those attempts.

The Republican Party is saying that Obama has completely failed with immigration reform pointing out to Hispanic voters that the President has failed to increase deportation and pass any form of immigration reform.

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