Brooklyn Nine Nine Recap: The Mole [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Brooklyn Nine Nine Recap: The Mole [WATCH VIDEO]
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Brooklyn Nine Nine” Season 2 Episode 5 “The Mole” aired on Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014, at 8:30 p.m. on FOX. The precinct was being investigated by Internal Affairs (IA). There’s a mole that’s supposedly giving information to a syndicate and Jake had to find out who this was. In the process, he discovered about Gina and Charles. Read on for the recap.  

When Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) arrived at the precinct, he found Capt. Holt (Andre Braugher) on his desk. Holt said that his office was occupied by Agent Miller from Internal Affairs who was there to find out who was leaking information to a syndicate. Peralta didn’t want to believe there’s a mole in the team, because he knew everybody. To prove his point, he enumerated what everyone would do after work that night, and he felt confident about it.

After Peralta’s brief talk with Agent Miller, who’s actually a germaphone, Peralta sought the help of Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero). Apparently, he had been taking case files at home to do more work, but never got around to returning them. Amy exclaimed that IA might think he’s the mole, so she agreed she will help him bring this back.

Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick) was in the building, having gotten wind of the IA investigation. She was, as usual, gloating at Holt.

Wuntch: Oh, Raymond…an Internal Affairs investigation? A drug task force that hasn't found any drugs? This precinct's a disaster! Maybe that's why the birds stopped singing, out of respect for the death of your career.

Holt asked his drug task force for any update on the busts, but Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) and Sgt. Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) still haven’t caught any major drug dealers. They were to go undercover at a silent disco, though. Holt was counting on a breakthrough for this.

Meanwhile, Jake and Amy have loaded up some case files in the car, but there were more files at Gina’s house, back when Peralta used to live there. They went to her place and heard music. It must be Gina (Chelsea Peretti) rehearsing with her new dance group, Dancy Reagan, the first ladies of movement. But when they opened the door, they saw Gina and Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) having sex.

Other than being shocked and grossed out, this infuriated Jake because Charles was lying to him this whole time when he thought he really knew him.

Charles: Don't be mad, Jake. You still know me.  I'm still Charles. I just have four extra sex moves. Five! Forgot about "boy on top."

Later, when Jake and Amy left, Gina and Charles thought that their casual sex must end. But they must also make sure no one would know about it. Gina was up for murdering Amy when Charles only wanted them to talk to the other two.

At this weird silent disco, Terry met a young girl wearing a shirt that indicated his twins’ pre-school. They later found out that despite her charm, the young girl was actually the one selling drugs. This had Terry worried for her twin daughters. Would they end up like her?

Back in the precinct, Jake was caught by Agent Miller returning the files. Now, he’s the prime suspect, and he could be suspended too. Jake marched to Capt. Holt’s house later that night. They needed to find who the mole is to prove his innocence.

Capt. Holt: You said there was no mole. You said you knew everything about these people.
Peralta: Well, it turns out that I don't. I've learned some truly horrible things tonight. You were right and I was wrong.

But their brainstorming took them until the early morning, without any progress. So, the captain had to do it, he had to suspend Peralta.

Jake, however, still reported for work the next day, convincing Holt that he had figured it out — Agent Miller was the mole! He was spying for Wuntch. He wasn’t on official business for IA. Wuntch needed dirt on Capt. Holt. The two knew each other because Wuntch actually didn’t shake the hands of the germaphobe Agent Miller when they first met earlier. She already knew his quirk! So, they set up a plan to frame the two, which, fortunately, was a success.  Is this the last we’ll see of Wuntch?

Meanwhile, Terry dug for more information about the young lady who was selling drugs at the silent disco. They’ve got a good lead. Score for the drug task force, and score for Terry too, whom Rosa thought was a great father to his twins.

And finally, to dissuade any rumors, Gina declared in front of everyone that she and Charles had casual sex 16 and ¾ times. It was adequate and it was fun, but it was over.

That’s our recap for “Brooklyn Nine Nine” Season 2 Episode 5 “The Mole,” which aired on Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014, at 8:30 p.m. on FOX. What do you think about this episode? Check out some highlights in the video below.

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