Brooklyn Nine Nine Recap: The Wednesday Incident

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Brooklyn Nine Nine Recap: The Wednesday Incident
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 2 Episode 16 “The Wednesday Incident” aired on Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015, at 8:30 p.m. on FOX. Jake digs into why the captain has been in such a bad mood lately. Find out what happened in the episode in the recap below.

Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) briefs the squad on the activities of an organized crime unit when investigators from another squad enters the room to take the board upon the order of Capt. Holt (Andre Braugher). The case is no longer in their hands now, as they’ve been at it for two weeks without any significant progress. The captain then orders the guys to clean up their desks, since they have some free time. They need to get rid of trashes inside their drawers and take down photos of their families on their tables. Capt. Holt is in a bad mood; he’s canceled overtime too.

What’s going on with the captain? Everyone is wondering, but Sgt. Terry (Terry Crews) reminds Jake of the Wednesday incident where he caused the sprinklers in the captain’s office to set off, drenching everything including Holt.  Everyone starts blaming Jake, but he defends himself, saying that the captain has been in a bad mood even before this. Something must be happening at home. He’s going to prove this.

Sgt. Terry makes it a point to keep everyone in check by monitoring their activities in the precinct, so as not to trigger the captain’s bad mood any more than it already is. But there’s good news — Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) is able to catch the bank robber that has done at least six robberies. But Amy (Melissa Fumero) is shocked to see that he’s very old. Charles must be crazy to think the old guy pulled the robberies off, right? Yet he insists that the perp is a ruthless criminal. The old man tries to win the girls over. He even gives Amy money for getting him a soda. When she leaves, the old man admits to Charles that he did rob the banks.

Jake knocks on the captain’s office to ask him straight — why is he in a bad mood? But the Holt refuses to discuss personal matters with him. Jake asks Gina’s (Chelsea Peretti) help, saying that she owes him a favor. Can she talk to Kevin, the captain’s husband, to find out anything?

They’re at the captain’s house, where Kevin politely welcomes them in, and Jake immediately states his case. Kevin says that Holt was in great mood when he left home for work that Wednesday. But Jake says that the captain didn’t get there until ten o’clock, which means that something must’ve happened in those three hours that ruined his mood. They retrace the captain’s steps.

Back the precinct, Amy and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) are having a tea party with the old man, and Charles becomes furious. But once again, when the girls are out of earshot, the old perp tells Charles what he intends to use the money he stole from banks for. He’s going to spend it on prostitutes! Charles is pissed that no one heard this but him.

Gina, Jake and Kevin are at the diner, retracing Holt’s Wednesday routine. The waitress knows of Jake’s reputation. Apparently, the captain vents about him when he’s having breakfast there. The waitress confirms that he had his good mood breakfast that day, so they proceed next to the captain’s painting class. The art teacher says the captain was in a great mood when he came by. The art teacher has, apparently, also heard of Jake.

Next, they head to the captain’s fencing class and the teacher says Holt’s mood was fine that Wednesday, except he hasn’t seen his student since. This made Kevin pause and wonder, and then he excuses himself out of the fencing studio.  Apparently, Holt has been telling Kevin that he’s been in the fencing class three days this week, so why would he lie? Jake realizes that he made the situation worse and goes to plan B: they’re going to fix this marriage.

But when they return to the precinct, Terry tells them that the captain’s mood has changed to “horrible smiling.” Meanwhile, Charles brings his old perp in the interrogation room with Amy. He needs the old geezer to admit on camera. But surprise, surprise — the old man dies while just sitting there!

Gina, on the other hand, checks into the captain’s schedule that Wednesday and learns that Holt was supposed to meet Chief Ash after his fencing class for coffee, but this got canceled without any explanation. They retrace the captain’s steps again and discover a door with a security camera.

That night, Jake visits the captain’s house, but since he’s not yet there, he tells Kevin of the situation. The captain was mugged that Wednesday, as seen in the camera. Three guys followed him, and in the corner, mugged the captain. This is why he’s in such a bad mood! He’s embarrassed. Jake is relieved it wasn’t because of him.

Just then, the captain arrives home. When Kevin asks, he says that three guys did try to mug him, but he fought off. Two were actually injured. But why did he lie about going to fencing class? The captain admits he was lightly stabbed during the mugging and didn’t want to tell his husband because he will worry.

Upset, Kevin goes to their room, while Jake gets accosted by the captain downstairs. He cannot go mucking around people’s lives.  The next day, the captain is still in a very bad mood. Only this time, it’s because of Jake, who feels that he really needs to apologize.

Meanwhile, Amy and Rosa apologize to Charles after learning that he was right after all. Remember the money the old man gave Amy for the soda? She matches this to the stolen bills, and true enough, they had the same serial numbers. Charles is vindicated.

Jake meets with the captain in his car parked around the corner where one of the muggers lives. Jake did his homework, thinking the captain will thank him. He did. But the captain also reveals why he’s in such a foul mood all week. He’s mad at himself for thinking like a 20-year-old who could take on muggers that he got himself stabbed. It was a silly risk. He calls Jake a genius, which really made the guy happy.

They return to the precinct with the captain reinstating overtime and allowing them to have their knick knacks on their table. It’s all back to normal, finally! Kevin even swings by to give Jake and Gina gifts. It’s an original painting done by Holt.

That’s the recap of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 2 Episode 16 “The Wednesday Incident,” which aired on Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015, at 8:30 p.m. on FOX. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more about this show.

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