Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: Windbreaker City

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: Windbreaker City
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 2 Episode 15 “Windbreaker City” aired on Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015, at 8:30 p.m. on FOX. The squad takes over a terrorism exercise organized by Homeland Security with Jake in the lead. Find out what happened in the recap below.

The breakup with Sophia has been very hard for Jake (Andy Samberg). He arrives to the precinct with boxes of stuff she left in his apartment. He hopes Sophia (guest star Eva Longoria) would come by to get the box so he could see her again. The sergeant and Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) tell Jake that what he needs is a catharsis to get over his ex.

At the squad meeting, the sergeant announced that Homeland Security invited them to join an exercise, and they’re the only non-federal agency given the opportunity to do so. Jake is determined to use this training to get over Sophia. Before the squad leaves, Capt. Holt (Andre Braugher) tells Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) that he will need one of them to work over the weekend. They have to decide who gets the day-off, but no one likes to give in.

Gina (Chelsea Peretti) is left at the precinct with the captain, and she takes this opportunity to talk to him about taking this personality test for a psych class she’s attending. She warns him that the results may be unflattering, but the captain assures her he’s used to having his flaws exposed. Besides, he has no flaws.

At the training, Jake introduces himself to someone from Homeland, who considers NYDP cops as beneath his level. Jake concludes he doesn’t like this guy, but it turns out, Agent Kendrick (guest star Nick Kroll) is the one in charge.

Kendrick gives each of them their roles in the training, and the Nine-Nine squad is assigned as “hostages,” which makes Jake feel like they’re a bunch of losers. He would’ve liked to shoot big guns. Sgt. Terry (Terry Crews) reminds him to behave so that they can get invited back next year, but Jake has other plans. He instructs Charles to start loosening up their bind. In the other room, Amy and Rosa argue about their day-off plans.

At the precinct, Gina and the captain finished the test and the results are predictable, yet it made Capt. Holt quite pleased with himself. But he learns that Gina has the same result as him. How is that possible when their personalities are so different from each other? Gina swears the test is accurate.

Jake and Charles are free from their bind, and Jake manages to “kill” two of the “terrorists” from the Anti-Terrorists Force (ATF). He’s totally going off the script. Sgt. Terry, however, didn’t want anything to do with this, so he remains strapped and bounded on his seat as the “hostage.”

Next, Jake and Charles take out two other terrorists, and Jake frees the rest of the squad in the other room. He tells Rosa and Amy that he feels discriminated by this drill, so he’s taking matters in his own hands. Amy doesn’t want to get in trouble, but Jake convinces her to use this time to settle her competition with Rosa. The one with the most kills wins the weekend off.

So, they take out the rest of the ATF group by killing and disarming them. One remains alive, however, and aims a gun at Jake. Surprisingly, he’s killed by the sergeant, who realizes he should be one with his squad. He also couldn’t take that the others were bitching about the NYPD. He tells everyone they should quit the drill and head to the bar.

Before they leave, Jake takes one last look at his cell phone to find that Sophia still hasn’t responded to his texts. Charles realizes that Jake needs more catharsis, so he suggests, why don’t they take this drill up a notch and go for the more win? They assume the role of the terrorists this time, with the goal of taking out the guys from the U.S. Marshalls and Homeland. Kendrick refuses to play Jake’s game and stops the drill. But Jake taunts him, and like any terrorists, he comes up with a list of demands. It is on!

While they’re taking out the enemy, Amy and Rosa team up, and knowing that their kill count is tied to eight, Amy wises up and shoots Rosa, so she gets one point up. Technically, Rosa is a body count. Amy wins the day-off this weekend!

Meanwhile, Jake is the only one alive among the guys, but they did manage to take out everyone except Kendrick. Jake thinks he has the upper hand, but out of nowhere Kendrick draws a gun from his back and shoots him. Jake got John McClain-ed (a reference to “Die Hard”).

Kendrick meets the squad after the drill and tells them he regrets inviting the NYPD, and they definitely won’t be back next year. Terry points out that they actually did a lot better than everyone else.

Jake notices that he hasn’t checked his phone nor thought of Sophia in hours. He concludes that this exercise did help him get “catharted.” So, it’s been good overall.

At the precinct, the captain conducts his own test on Gina, as he’s really convinced that they don’t belong to the same personality group. Gina sees what he’s doing and calls him out on this. Later, Holt apologizes to Gina and tells her that he’s probably the one in the wrong category. He gives Gina new duties at work, based on her personality test results.

Amy tells Rosa that she’s taking the work on Saturday and has informed the captain about it already. She did it because she feels guilty for “murdering” Rosa, who badly needs the day-off because, as it turns out, she’s going to introduce Marcus to her parents. Amy is thrilled for her.

Finally, Jake drops off Sophia’s box in her office and sees her one last time. It is truly over with them.

That’s the recap for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 2 Episode 15 “Windbreaker City,” which aired on Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015, at 8:30 p.m. on FOX. Keep checking back to Movie News Guide (MNG) for more about this show.

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