Brooklyn Nine-Nine Spoiler: Payback

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Spoiler: Payback
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 2 Episode 13 “Payback”” will air on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015, at 8:30 p.m. on FOX. The squad is onto Jake. It’s time for a payback. Before we get into the details, let’s review the events of the last episode.

In “Beach House” (air date: Jan. 4, 2015), it’s the annual getaway for detectives only. But Jake (Andy Samberg) invited Capt. Holt (Andre Braugher) to join them, after learning that he has never been part of any getaway while he was still a young detective. The gang were mad at Jake for having the boss over as they weren’t able to let loose and really have a good time.

So, Jake thought that it would be better to hold two separate parties. One party was happening upstairs with the captain, which was truly boring, while the other party happened in the basement, filled with games and booze. The captain, however, learned of this, which made Jake even guiltier for bringing him over. However, Holt realized that this party was truly for his staff, so he agreed to join them and let loose. Everyone had a good time in the end.

Meanwhile, Gina (Chelsea Peretti) had been wanting to see Amy (Melissa Fumero) get drunk with six drinks. She wanted to know if this was the level of drunkenness that would make her love Amy and be her BFF. But as it turned out, six-drink Amy was a whiny, pathetic and sad kind of drunk. Gina took care of her, though, when she saw that Amy clearly wasn’t able to handle the alcohol well. Gina’s gesture practically said she likes Amy as a friend.

Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) was exchanging texts with her new boyfriend Marcus (guest star Nick Cannon). But as she had no romantic bone in body, she asked Charles’ (Joe Lo Truglio) help to craft the messages. She was uncomfortable at first, but she eventually got the hang of it. She may have retreated to her bedroom sexting with her new boyfriend.

Spoiler Alert: “Brooklyn Nine Nine” Season 2 Episode 13 “Payback” will air on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015, at 8:30 p.m. on FOX

In the upcoming episode, the squad would like to collect on Jake’s loans. Apparently, he has owed many of them money over the years. From the looks of it, based on the photos posted on SpoilersFuide for this episode, Jake may be paying them back by doing errands.

Meanwhile, remember when Amy discovered the captain’s mistake with an old case he handled years ago (in the episode “The Pontiac Bandit Returns” air date: Dec. 7, 2014)? Well, it’s now time for Amy and Holt to revisit and re-open this, so the two will be working together on the case of the Brooklyn Broiler.

The show will also feature Merrin Dungey as returning guest. She was in the series last season, playing the role of Terry’s wife.

Those are what you can expect from “Brooklyn Nine Nine” Season 2 Episode 13 “Payback,” which will air on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015, at 8:30 p.m. on FOX.

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