Brooks Ayers Is Allegedly Accused Of Lying About Cancer: Vicki Gunvalson Claims ‘This Man Is A Sick!’

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
Brooks Ayers Is Allegedly Accused Of Lying About Cancer: Vicki Gunvalson Claims ‘This Man Is A Sick!’

There was indeed more drama in store for ‘The Real Housewives of Orange Country’ star Vicki Gunvalson, as she recently turned up on Andy Cohen’s show on Bravo for Season 10 reunion. Now that Brooks Ayers is allegedly accused of lying about cancer diagnosis, Vicki Gunvalson who has always been on the spearhead of the debate revolving her ex-boyfriend, has revealed more awestruck facts about Ayers. Find out!


ET Online reported that Vicki Gunvalson told her co-stars because of a turbulent phase in her relationship with Ayers she was completely disconnected with them throughout the season. She stated in the  clip from Bravo, “Well, Brooks and I were fighting a lot, and so I disconnected from everybody.”

But the ladies weren’t buying her excuse! Rather they started to dig deep inside the duo’s relation while they tried to come across clues in Gunvalson’s house in order to make her believe that Brooks Ayers was fabricating about his cancer. Whereby, Heather Dubrow went on to question her if she has ever come across Ayers’ medicine chest or prescriptions.

To which Gunvalson replied to have come across his medicine box but she also said, “I didn’t see prescriptions.” Meanwhile her daughter, Briana Culberson, added to her mother’s words by saying the medicines were vitamin tables and not cancer medications.

Moreover, a representative from the City of Hope Hospital revealed to E! News exclusively that Ayers was never treated at their facility with cancer.

The outlet also investigated and found inconsistencies in the paperwork submitted by Ayers as a “proof” of his treatment. Meanwhile, an insider close to Ayers unveiled that he has been faking about cancer just for the benefit and has been “trying to accomplish” whatever he wanted to for the last ten years.


Now that Vicki Gunvalson is aware of the fabrication, she is surprised and claims Brooks Ayers to be a “sick man.”


Brooks Ayers has released an apology statement via E! News for ‘fabricating’ medical documents.

“Words cannot express the deep regret that I have in fabricating documents to ‘prove’ to the world that I, in fact, have cancer. What I did was wrong and inexcusable. I acted alone, without Vicki [Gunvalson]’s knowledge, to produce documents for a reality TV show in hopes of putting doubts about my cancer to rest. I never intended to disclose my actual medical records or details about my private and personal medical history, thus the rationalization of presenting documents that weren’t true simply for a ‘storyline’ for the show.”


Image Source: Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers wiki

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