Bruce Jenner has had Breast Implant, Jenner’s Recent Appearance Confirms!

By Smitha Nambiar | 3 years ago
Bruce Jenner has had Breast Implant, Jenner’s Recent Appearance Confirms!
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/jla0379/March 2011 | L’ex-athlète Bruce Jenner en 2011.

The recent appearance of Bruce Jenner, who was spotted hiking in an oversized, bulky sweatshirt, on Sunday in Malibu in southern California, seemed to confirm the rumors that Jenner had undergone breast implant surgery few weeks ago.

Bruce Jenner, the former gold medalist in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal, is not yet comfortable enough to pose at the shutterbugs during his journey from a man to a woman. So, it was not too surprising to see him trying to hide his face under a cap and dark sunglasses to avoid being photographed, while hiking in Malibu.

Although the 65-year-old ex-champion was completely covered, and zipped up to the chin, it was not too difficult to spot the seemingly evident breasts underneath the thick clothing. This was perceived as a confirmation of the rumors on Jenner going under the knife for breast implants.

Jenner had reportedly opted for a smaller size breast implant to make it seem normal, as per

While Jenner is yet to reveal the truth about his new breast implant, the athlete’s family as well as all those close to him are well aware of the transition, and the newly done breasts in particular.

A source close to the Jenner family confirmed to Radaronline that Jenner has undergone breast implants, but added that he has still not got his penis removed. “He did get silicone breast implants, and will have the next major surgery in the next few months. Having his penis removed will be the final step of physically becoming a woman,” said the source.

The website also mentioned about Jenner’s step daughter, Kim Kardashian having visited his home in Malibu, soon after the breast implant surgery. The hot star apparently joked that her breasts were far bigger than his, as per sources.

Meanwhile, ABC News has confirmed that Bruce Jenner has agreed to give them an interview on ‘World News Tonight,’ which will be anchored by Diane Sawyer. The interview is likely to be aired on Friday, Apr. 24, 2015.

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Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons

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