Bruce Jenner Plans to Go Public with New Womanly Look on LGBT Magazine

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Bruce Jenner Plans to Go Public with New Womanly Look on LGBT Magazine
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/jla0379 | L’ex-athlète Bruce Jenner en March 2011.

Intent of showing off his new womanly look, newly divorced Bruce Jenner allegedly plans to show the feminine changes he did and has apparently made preparations for it already.

According to an insider for In Touch, Jenner has already gained enough confidence and support from some people, which even included his own children, to finally reveal his transition into becoming a woman this year.

Jenner has reportedly contacted LGBT magazine “The Advocate” to help him as he goes public into being a transgender woman and even wants to go all the way by planning to have his picture placed in the magazine’s cover page. In response to this, an insider for The Advocate reportedly said that they would love to cover Jenner’s transformation story.

In Touch claims that, as of the moment, Jenner has already been looking over his plans for the cover shot, particularly on how he would look.

“He wants to look as glamorous as possible — full makeup with a bold wardrobe. He won’t live his new life in designer clothes like the Kardashian women. He just wants his first official portrait as a woman to be classic and memorable,” the source told In Touch.

However, because of their article claiming that Jenner plans to live his life as a transgender woman, In Touch ended up sparking outrage from his ex-wife Kris Jenner. According to TMZ, Kris told her friends how outraged she was, particularly on a photoshopped image of Jenner, with added feminine features, which was actually placed on the magazine’s cover page.

As of the moment, the representative of the divorced couple is not answering any inquiry calls nor have they released official statements regarding In Touch magazine’s issue and cover page. Although, TMZ added in their report that a close friend said that Jenner doesn’t pay attention to such things.

Are you looking forward to Bruce Jenner’s reaction on In Touch’s claims on his going public as a woman through The Advocate? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/jla0379


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