Bruce Willis’ daughter arrested

By admin | 6 years ago

Scout Willis the middle daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore was arrested. She now joins her Mom as fodder for the tabloids after being arrested for underage drinking and then trying to get out of the problem by showing the cops an ID that was determined to be fake.

The report says that Scout was drinking alcohol and since she is only 20 years old she is under age to legally drink in the U.S. Willis is currently enrolled at Brown University one of the country’s most prestigious schools. She was arrested in New York City on Monday night while in Union Square. Officers arrested her for criminal impersonation, for presenting them with an ID that was fake.

When she revealed who she really was, she said someone had given her the fake ID. She also was found to be in violation of the open container law. On Tuesday, Willis was released without having to post any bail.

The young Willis must return to court in Manhattan on July 31 to face the two misdemeanor charges. Willis was spotted by an officer while drinking a Pakistani beer Monday evening. She presented an ID that said she was Katherine Kelly and she continued to be questioned by the officer.

In March, the young Willis was found to be part of a Twitter feed that was loaded with thoughts about drugs, cigarettes, partying and sex. However, a rep for the family said the feed was just a college project to test and illustrate how today’s social media is used.

This is the first incident that Scout has been involved in with the law.

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