‘A Bug’s Life 2’ Release and Plot Summary Revealed [WATCH VIDEO]

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
‘A Bug’s Life 2’ Release and Plot Summary Revealed [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/A Bug's Life | “A Bug’s Life 2” plot and release date revealed

Good news! Brace yourselves for the most awaited sequel to the Disney and Pixar animated film, “A Bug’s Life.” The sequel is said to involve an evil scientist who is bound to cause trouble for Flik and the gang. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

“A Bug’s Life 2” is said to be one of the most-awaited sequels ever since its prequel came out in 1998. According to Movie Pilot, “A Bug’s Life 2” will be released in 2017 but the exact dates have not yet been revealed.

Woah! That took Disney over 20 years to make a sequel to the film, right?

“A Bug’s Life 2” is said to revolve around the lives of the cute ants and circus bugs who are about to face the wrath of an evil scientist. In “A Bug’s Life,” Flik, together with the ant colony and circus bugs, tried to defeat Hopper and the rest of the grasshoppers.

This time, an evil scientist named Professor Finbarr Kagan tries to kidnap Queen Atta and Gypsy. It was while they were watching the circus bugs perform. Why did Professor Kagan kidnap them? Well, it looks like the evil professor is out to do some dirty experiments on them and put them in an insect exhibit. Yikes!

According to the plot summary, the evil scientist will trap them inside an empty jam jar with tiny air holes around it. Of course, Flik would not go down without a fight and will try to battle against a human this time (with the help of the colony and the gang).

According to Pixar Fanon, the person behind Gypsy’s voice, Madeline Kahn, has passed away from ovarian cancer a year after the premiere of  the first movie. Moreover, the outlet reported that Jennifer Aniston is set to be the next voice behind Gypsy in “A Bug’s Life 2.”

Hayden Panettiere will no longer be reprising her voice role for Princess Dot unless they make Princess Dot older than she is after 20 years. The outlet noted that Emily Hahn, who was the same voice behind Bonnie from “Toy Story 3,” will be taking the voice role for Dot.

“A Bug’s Life 2” release date and plot summary, however, are nothing but a dream for fans until Pixar officially announces and confirms the sequel. An ongoing petition has been made on Go Petition to gather signatures from fans who want to see the sequel to the hit Disney-Pixar film.

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Photo Source: Facebook/A Bug’s Life


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