Bully Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Bully Movie Review The documentary movie Bully is an insightful look into bullying and why it happens. They say that school days are the best days of your life but that is not the case for some students. It shows how parents are clueless that their children are being bullied.

Lee Hirsch made a heart breaking documentary that is not far from the truth. The kids in Bully think of the school bus as a moving hell. They suffer verbal, physical and emotional abuse each day. The effects of bullying are deadly.

The documentary follows five of around 13 million US school children who are bullied each year. They are abused by their peers every day. Bully presents evidence that the situation is already out of control. Adults don’t even know that it is happening under their noses.

Bully is an emotional look into something that shouldn’t even exist but it happens in a daily basis to a lot of children and teenagers. The documentary shows stories of torment and anguish. The viewers will surely feel the pain because of the raw emotions showed on screen.

One of the bullied kids is 12 year old Alex Libby, a boy who struggles in making friends and socializing with others. He is seen getting punched, threatened, and poked during the bus ride to school every day. It is a normal occurrence to him while the bus driver does nothing. The teachers dismiss the incidents as kids being kids.

One of the victims took action against her bullies but she finds herself thrown into juvenile detention. This is a bitter pill that is hard to swallow.

One thing that Bully lacks is any comment coming from the bullies’ side. This can have given an insight as to why they do it and make the documentary more rounded. This is a must watch for both parents and their children.

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