How ‘Bumblebee’ Pranked The Entire Internet About ‘Transformers 5?’

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
How ‘Bumblebee’ Pranked The Entire Internet About ‘Transformers 5?’

Turns out the rumors circulating about “Transformers 5” on Quintessons and more Dinobots in the upcoming movie are exactly that, “rumors.” Mark Ryan, voice of Bumblebee, may have just inadvertently played a game of chicken with the internet. Read on to find out how.

Mark Ryan, the voice of ‘Bumblebee’ and ‘Lockdown’ was quoted earlier this month by a variety of reports from most houses (here, for example is Slash Film and Screen Crush, both predicting the plot of “Transformers 5” with complete confidence on Ryan’s quote).

Apparently, he told that “Transformers 5” is going to feature exploits of Optimus Prime on Cybertron, ending in a climactic battle against Unicron. He also (reportedly) told that “Transformers 5” will have more of them, awesome Dinobots, from “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

While all this is very nice, turns out Ryan himself actually knows NOTHING of what is going to transpire in the fifth film. In fact, the source of all the rumors was a off-hand statement made by him the content of which is this, “[Transformers 5] will follow two directions now, one of which focusses upon Cade and co.”

And while with the ending of “Transformers:AoE,” it is reasonable to assume that Optimus Prime flying into space will eventually end up in Cybertron, Ryan has not confirmed or added any rumors himself. It seems as a classic case of building a transforming mountain out of a molehill.

Here is Ryan himself on the rumors:

“I’m totally stunned about the current and false online chatter about TF-5 and comments I did not make! I have never given an official interview regarding TF-5, nor would I even utter the words Unicron or Quintessons! I’m not in a position to! This is all online speculation and hype because I was misquoted from a casual chat with a fan at an event in the UK.”

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