Butter Faces Movie Critics

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Butter Faces Movie CriticsButter is about the competitive world of butter carving, 15-year reigning champion Bob Pickler (Ty Burrell) announces that he will leave butter carving. He is known for his works inspired by other works of art, including Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List.

Bob’s trophy wife Laura (Jennifer Garner) catches him having an affair with Brooke (Olivia Wilde), who is a stripper. Laura then goes into butter carving herself. Brooke also thinks she has what it takes to win and competes against Laura. But to their disappointment, they are outclassed by Destiny (Yara Shahidi) who is an 11 year old butter carving genius.

Butter carving might be the last backdrop for a political satire but this is the case for Butter. Destiny is Obama as Laura is the combination of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin. Jason Micallef disguised the satire nicely inside an amusing competition comedy.

Director Jim Field Smith manages to maintain a buoyant tone all throughout Butter even with Destiny’s orphan background or Brooke’s raunchy behavior. The mood is bright from start to finish. Garner exudes the fake civility to perfection. She always has a smile even when confronted by Brooke. Shahidi has that modest charm that’s ideal for the character.

Alicia Silverstone makes an appearance in Butter as Destiny’s adoptive mother. Rob Corddry plays her husband. Hugh Jackman has a small role as Laura’s former boyfriend. All the supporting cast members are good comedic players and this translates into hilarious moments.

Wilde is in her zone in Butter. She displays classless brashness that is the opposite of Garner’s prim and proper character. She manages to steal the show whenever she’s part of the scene. She’s the only wild one in the movie.

Butter delivers the goods. It is a fun movie about something that you wouldn’t even know is out there. After watching the movie, you wouldn’t look at butter the same way again.

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