C-Clown Has Officially Disbanded

By April Lara | 3 years ago
C-Clown Has Officially Disbanded

Sad news for C-Clown’s fans, the group has officially disbanded. Read below for the full details:

A few months ago, speculations about the band separating have resurfaced, leaving fans doubtful as to what will be the fate of their favorite group. However, there was no confirmation back then and fans were led to believe that there’s still hope for the group to continue.

According to K Pop Starz, the group’s agency Yedang Entertainment has cleared the rumours and confirmed that it is indeed true, the group has decided to go their separate ways.

Yedang Entertainment released a statement on Fancafe:

“Hello, this is Yedang Entertainment. C-Clown, which began July 19, 2012, with ‘Solo’ officially separates after 3 years now, Oct. 5, 2015.”

The 6 members of C-Clown namely Rome, Ray, Siwoo, Kangjun, TK and Maru are grateful for the opportunity especially to their fanbase called the Crowns. As for the agency, they also showed gratitude towards the group members and the group’s huge fanbase who have shown support to the group over the years. Yedang Entertainment also said that the 6th member of the group will remain under their agency, other members will work as a producer under the agency as well while the others are preparing to form a new group.

The reason behind the disbandment of C-Clown is still unclear. The agency also said that the network accounts of the group except YouTube will remain intact and become private. On a positive note, it is great that other members of the group have decided to form a new group. It’s not the end after all and this time around, they are definitely going to be better in what they do and this is definitely something to look forward to.

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Photo source: Facebook/C-Clown

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