Cabrera Tried To Fabricate Story to Avoid Suspension

By admin | 6 years ago

Melky Cabrera, the leftfielder for the San Francisco Giants and an associate tried to fabricate a story over the player’s positive drug test so the All-Star would not be suspended. Cabrera failed a drug test when he tested positive for testosterone use. He had an associate buy an existing website to help fabricate a story that Cabrera’s positive results on the test were due to him inadvertently using testosterone after purchasing an unfamiliar product from the website.

However, a group of investigators hired by Major League Baseball were able to uncover the scheme, as Cabrera was set to present his defense to the league to challenge the test results. After Cabrera was told his scheme had been uncovered, he quickly had his legal counsel drop his grievance and he accepted the suspension. At that time, last Wednesday, the suspension was made public by the league.

Prior to the suspension, Cabrera was enjoying his best season of his career, including being named as the MVP of last month’s All Star game. However, as quickly as his stock had increased this season, it all came tumbling down as quickly. Cabrera will be a free agent at the conclusion of this year’s World Series, and was expected to sign a lucrative contract, but all that has changed, as teams will now second guess his abilities due to the suspension.

Major League Baseball officials said that they had passed his case on to federal investigators for their review. No further action is expected to be taken by the league against Cabrera. He will be eligible to return in the sixth game of the playoffs. if the Giants make it that far.

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