Caitlyn Jenner Dropped Out From ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Offer: Fans Disappointed!

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Caitlyn Jenner Dropped Out From ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Offer: Fans Disappointed!
Caitlyn Jenner

Even though ABC has offered to bring Caitlyn Jenner on the new Season of the “Dancing with the Stars” show, Jenner has backed out of the deal. What could be the reason? Read on to know why.

Ms. Jenner was very much excited about ABC’s offer and nearly signed up straight away. However, according to INQUISITR, Jenner realized that she could not go ahead with the show after trying out few moves.

Jenner found that she is not potent and strong in her movements as she used to be before. She has completely lost her confidence in her body’s strength and abilities.

The “Dancing with the Stars” production team said that the opportunity for Jenner is still available even though she has made her drop out decision from the show. The DWTS also added that the opportunity would be possible as long as the open “Dancing with the Stars” slots remain unfilled.

If Jenner changes her decision and participate in the show, she would be the first transgender to appear on the “Dancing with the Stars.”

She has also many other existing opportunities, including “I am Cait,” her own documentary series. If she decides to take part in the DWTS, she would have less time for concentrating in other existing opportunities because of the rehearsals and competitions of the show.

Based on the reports of Master Herald, rumors started making the rounds that Jenner would appear on “Dancing with the Stars,” when Derek Hough made a comment that he loves to dance with Caitlyn Jenner and that he would come back to the show as her partner.

The main reason why Caitlyn Jenner must have decided to drop out of the “Dancing with the Stars” has connection with her own pride, as reported by some of the sources. She probably does not want to be scrutinized or become a laughing stock. However, fans expecting to see Jenner in the coming season of “Dancing with the Stars” would definitely be disappointed.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Caitlyn Jenner

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