Caitlyn Jenner In Legal Trouble Because Of Horrifying Malibu Accident

By Richelda Ordonez | 2 years ago
Caitlyn Jenner In Legal Trouble Because Of Horrifying Malibu Accident
Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner is making headlines again. After her Vanity Fair cover debut, she is now to face a serious lawsuit stemmed from a horrific car accident in Malibu last February.

The transgender star was involved in a fatal car crash early this year that killed one and injured seven.  According to reports, she is facing a civil case from the family of the woman who died that could cost him millions. Criminal charges for a misdemeanor may also follow which might get her into prison.

Jenner seems to be ignoring the charges against her. It appears that she’s expecting that the trouble she’s facing will simply go away.  But this will not be easy for her as there are reports that highly experienced prosecutors are handling this high profile case that might still give her some jail time.

The charges stemmed from a tragic death of the 69-year-old widow, Kim Howe and fatal injuries to several people in a fatal crash on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Although she admitted that that she was the cause of the accident, Jenner denied the allegation that she was under the influence when it happened.  She explained that she was trying to evade the chasing paparazzi at that time.  Sadly, some investigators are not buying it.  Also, investigators are determining if Jenner violated California laws against texting while driving.  Just a few days after the crash, Jenner was seen driving while on her mobile phone in Los Angeles.

Although she had no intention to start the accident, the investigators are still in pursuit in determining whether or not Caitlyn Jenner (living as Bruce Jenner at that time) acted negligently. Thus, depending on the circumstances, she might end up spending some time behind bars.

Many are following this case of Caitlyn Jenner and would like to know if she, just like some celebrity defendants, can get away from serious charges.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Caitlyn Jenner

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