Caitlyn Jenner Takes Style Advice from Daughter Kendall

By Rey Martin | 2 years ago
Caitlyn Jenner Takes Style Advice from Daughter Kendall
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19-year-old fashion model Kendall Jenner has played a huge part in her mother’s wardrobe choices. Read on for more details.

Caitlyn Jenner, who’s known as Bruce Jenner prior to her transition, has six fashionable daughters but she respects Kendall’s opinion more than the others. According to MSN, Kendall played a huge part in her mother’s wardrobe choices. She even helped Caitlyn with her look for the ESPY Awards, where she was praised for the white Atelier Versace dress that she wore when she got the Arthur Ashe courage award.

An MSN source said that Caitlyn knows “Kendall is the person to help” when it comes to fashion. A LOOK magazine source also said that even “Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe have all been ‘Kendalled.'” It was reported that the three Kardashian girls love to steal Kendall’s designer clothes, including cast-offs.

Main Online reported that Caitlyn ran errands in Malibu, California on September 8th in a pair of tight skinny jeans. US Weekly also reported that Caitlyn and Kendall both wore leather pants on separate night outs on September 3rd. It seemed that the 65-year-old took out a few pages out of her daughter’s style book!

On September 9th, Caitlyn Jenner appeared on the Today show for an interview with Matt Lauer. In the said interview, Caitlyn told Lauer that she had no regrets about making the decision to transition earlier this year. According to Mail Online, the former Olympian broke her silence about the car crash she was involved in. The accident happened in February and took the life of a 69-year-old woman named Kim Howe. Caitlyn Jenner did “admit her fears over possibly being sent to Los Angeles Men’s County Jail should she be charged with misdemeanor manslaughter.”

At the interview, Jenner and Matt played a round of golf. Jenner admitted that the trauma brought by the car accident will never go away, but she said that she was traveling under the 50mph speed limit at the time of the accident.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Caitlyn Jenner

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