Caitlyn Jenner’s New Show, “I Am Cait,” Fails to Impress Critics

By Meghna Subhedhar | 3 years ago
Caitlyn Jenner’s New Show, “I Am Cait,” Fails to Impress Critics
Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner’s new show, “I Am Cait” failed to impress critics. The critics found the show’s theme heavy handed and its dramatic plot a little too bland for reality TV audiences. Read on for more details.

Jenner maybe the center of attention now, but she couldn’t get her new show noticed by the audiences or the critics. The new reality TV series focuses on her struggle with her new transgender identity failed to register with the audiences and was panned as lackluster by the critics.

Slate Magazine’s June Thomas admitted that though the show had its heart in the right place, it was “guilty of a sin that is unpardonable on reality television: dullness.” Reality TV, she writes, requires that conflict be manufactured in the moments before every commercial break, and the show seemed largely drama-free.

The outlet went on to applaud the show’s sensitive take on the reality of most transgendered people in the United States. The first episode began with Jenner mulling over her early morning dream of transgendered people being murdered.

She also realized her responsibility towards the transgendered people now that she had joined their community. As Jenner prepares to meet her mom and sisters with her new persona, she remembers that transgendered community has nine times higher suicide rates than the general population. Being a transgendered person, it seems, is difficult even for a person who has lived his life in apparent luxury. There is always the fear of not being accepted for who you are lurking around.

Jenner was very successful in communicating the insecurities that lurk in most transgendered people’s minds when they first reveal their secret identity to the world.

The show was rich in emotional content but failed to include drama that is practically “de rigueur” in reality shows. There were no arguments or fights amongst the show’s cast. They didn’t even raise their voices. The show even went on to show Jenner bonding with her daughter Kylie, who was seen giving her some pea green extensions. All in all, the show seemed lacklustre because it failed to create excitement and drama for its viewers.

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