Calum Hood Aims to Make 5SOS the World’s Biggest Band

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Calum Hood Aims to Make 5SOS the World’s Biggest Band

5 Seconds of Summer” singer and bass guitarist Calum Hood is still coming to terms with young adulthood. He hasn’t had much success playing the role model for his legion of fans in Australia and the world over yet, but he is looking to show to his fan base that he is on his way to becoming a responsible adult in the following years. He also reportedly talked of his ambition to make his band the “world’s biggest band.” Read on.

While we do love Hood’s nude photographs on Snapchat and Instagram, we can’t deny the fact that the 5SOS boys will eventually have to grow up and take on the mantle of responsible men as most young adults usually have to do growing up.

Grown-ups tend to frown on Hood’s “don’t care” attitude. It was especially after he made news by smoking next to a gas pump. But the younger crowds love them to bits and the boys are playing to packed houses wherever they go. This made the boys realize their responsibility towards their generation and have since put on their serious faces and thinking hats.

Hood, particularly, has been very vocal about his responsibility towards his fan base in Australia and elsewhere. He has publicly, and somewhat shamefacedly, apologized to the fans and even their parents. It was after sharing his naked pictures on various sociall media platforms. He is showing a number of signs that show that the boy is indeed growing up.

Hood recently told Sugarscape Magazine, “don’t get me wrong we still do party, we’re just obviously more careful about the way we do it.”

Inquisitr did an elaborate report on the many pains of being Hood. While the young mind is still maturing, it isn’t short on ambition, the boy band member recently told about it.

“It is going to take some hard work but I think we realize it is possible. We have always wanted to be the biggest band in the world but four years ago, it felt a million miles away. I feel if we make the right music, say the right things in the press and do right by the fans, then maybe.” Hood said.

We wish Calum Hood the best of luck for his band’s future.

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Photo Source: Calum Hood/ Facebook

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