Calum Hood Talks Jennifer Phipps Romance In 5SOS ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ Music Video?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Calum Hood Talks Jennifer Phipps Romance In 5SOS ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ Music Video?

It’s here and it’s kinda hot though. The long-awaited 5 Seconds of Summer song about the “kings and the queens of the new broken scene” is here. And it begs the question: was Calum Hood thinking about his girlfriend Jennifer Phipps when his band created “She’s kinda hot?”

Calum Hood looks stunning singing “She’s kinda hot” and one wonders if the song was born of a personal experience with his girlfriend, Jennifer Phipps. The band was quick to clarify that this wasn’t so. “We kind of planned on it being a song of revolution for our fans, and we made up the lyric ‘We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene,’” Ashton Irwin has reportedly told Billboard.

5 Seconds of Summer have big plans for their band’s future. The boys want to make their band the greatest band in the world. Calum Hood had voiced his innermost feelings when he said that it was going to take some hard work but he thought that they knew it was possible. He declared not so modestly, “We have always wanted to be the biggest band in the world but four years ago, it felt a million miles away. I feel if we make the right music, say the right things in the press and do right by the fans, then maybe.”

The music video is incredible to say the least. They sold us on the concept of “the new broken scene” right away. The video has already got over 4.5 million plays on youtube and it’s only been a week since its launch! The boys sure do know how to stay relevant to the times and engineer a fan revolution. Do you think the Australian band will take over the world? Leave your ideas and comments in the comments section below.

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Photo Source: 5 Seconds of Summer / Facebook

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