Calvin Harris Threatens Her Ex-Boyfriend Harry Styles To Stay Away From Taylor Swift!

By Ushasi Dev | 3 years ago
Calvin Harris Threatens Her Ex-Boyfriend Harry Styles To Stay Away From Taylor Swift!
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Taylor Swift has been in a strong relationship with Calvin Harris until now. The buzz now is that Harris has threatened Swift’s ex boyfriend, Harry Styles to back off.

Taylor Swift, 25, has been in a relationship with Harry Styles until they broke up in 2013. Taylor admitted that she had hooked up with Harry shortly before she started dating Calvin. This revelation made Harris jealous and he in turn has threatened Styles.

A source close to Taylor told OK! Magazine that although Calvin does not usually get jealous, he knows how charming Harry can be and what impact he had on Taylor.

Taylor chose to come clean about not keeping her hook up with Harry a secret and according to sources, Mag Calvin appreciated her honesty and kept cool about Taylor’s confession. Calvin seems to be apprehensive of falling short in comparison to the One Direction star.

An insider told Mag “He’s made Harry aware in no uncertain terms that he needs to stop sniffing around Taylor and to stay the f*** away.” This surely seems to be nasty turmoil in Taylor’s life as she is sandwiched between her former and present.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris started seeing each other when Harris was still in a relationship with Aarika Wolf, but according to sources, they hooked up only after Harries called it off with Aarika late in January this year and met Taylor in February as a single man.

Aarika is a model whom DJ Harris started dating after they met on the sets of their music video BLAME in August and officially began dating in October. They continued to play the boyfriend/girlfriend thing for about six more months and then Harris chose to step out of the relationship and be with Taylor Swift.

Do you think Harris cheated on Aarika with Taylor? Is Taylor still pining for Harry? Write to us in the comments below!

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