Campaigns Continue Following first Presidential Debate

By admin | 6 years ago

Now that the first presidential debate is behind President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, the two can head back to their campaigns that take them back and forth across the country. The election is just over a month away and the candidates are spending dollar after dollar attempting to convince those voters who are still undecided to vote for them.

Romney started his post debate day with a rally in Virginia with Paul Ryan his running mate. Obama started in Denver, site of the first debate, and will travel later in the day to Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin.

During last night’s debate, Romney the former governor of Massachusetts said that the policies of Obama have only succeeded in weakening the economy in the U.S., while increasing the amount of the national debt. He said that if Obama were re-elected he would increase individual taxes and spending at the government level making the deficit even worse.

Romney said there were three ways in which to handle the growing deficit. One would be to raise taxes he said, while another would be to cut government spending. The third said the GOP candidate would be to grow the country’s economy, because if there are more people working in the economy, more taxes are being paid into the system.

A number of observers of the debate said the clear winner was Romney. They also predicted that his campaign would have a re-energizing period thanks to his aggressive stance in the debate. Romney said under Obama, the middle-class had been crushed or buried under taxes.

Romney said both individual and corporate taxes need to be lowered. That was countered by Obama saying that the tax plan by Romney would only favor the wealthy American and force a number of cutbacks in programs within the country.


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