Who Will Designated Survivor Tom Kirkman Trust – Congresswoman Kimble or Aaron Shore?

By Tanya D. | 1 year ago
Who Will Designated Survivor Tom Kirkman Trust – Congresswoman Kimble or Aaron Shore?
Congresswoman Kimble in the Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor Tom Kirkman needs all the allies he can get while he remains the US president. However, the past episodes proved difficult to point out, whom among those close to him in office he can trust. Congresswoman Kimble may not be all she seems to be and Chief of Staff Aaron Shore has an ulterior motive.

Kimble wants Kirkman’s position

Congresswoman Kimble Hookstraten (Virginia Madsen) pledged Kirkman her support, although she may be harboring her own secret agenda. She may be silently plotting an evil scheme that could destroy Tom Kirkman’s (Kiefer Sutherland) reputation as the president. As the other Designated Survivor, Kimble can easily take over the presidential seat if the people overthrow Kirkman.

Kimble seems responsible in leaking private information about Kirkman’s job transfer during a live interview. She was browsing online for articles about the new president prior to his interview. She also encouraged Kirkman to tell the truth about the transfer. In turn, people started questioning if he is fit to run the country after the former president indirectly fired him.

In the recent episode of the Designated Survivor, Kimble also admitted that she too wants to be the president. She told Kirkman that she would only be lying to herself, if she passes the opportunity to run the country.

However, Virginia Madsen told the New York Post that Kimble only wants to make the president succeed. She sees it as her patriotic duty to counsel Kirkman closely so he can be a successful ruler of the country.

“She’s [Kimble] undermined him just a wee bit … but she feels that what she does makes him better at his job,” Madsen said.

What is Chief of Staff Aaron Shore up to?

Newly appointed Chief of Staff Aaron Shore has a sketchy motive too. The premier episode saw him conniving with the Defense General in convincing Kirkman to start a war. He made sure this happens when he released a video from the terrorists to the public without the president’s consent.

Aaron may have helped Kirkman amped up his reputation with the people after the video became public. However, he is secretly also undermining Tom Kirkman’s capability as the president. He is also doing secret background checks on Kirkman. Only Congresswoman Kimble can see through his ulterior motive.

Will the Designated Survivor Tom Kirkman eventually realize that those close to him in the office are toying with him? Who else can he trust besides Congresswoman Kimble and Aaron Shore?

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