How MARVEL Can Solve the Problem Regarding FOX Owned Characters

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
How  MARVEL Can Solve the Problem Regarding FOX Owned Characters
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Over the past few years, some of the most successful film franchises to date consist of comic book movie adaptations, whose popularity reached its heights due to the ongoing MARVEL Cinematic Universe (MCU), which consists of a whole line-up of movies and television show spin-offs, and the ongoing DC Cinematic Universe (DCU). However, as of today, despite the ongoing success of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe compared to the fledgling DC Cinematic Universe, who is only starting to begin creating a movie line-up of their own, it seems like the MARVEL Cinematic Universe has one major problem when it comes to the continuity when it comes to MARVEL comics’ iconic characters- not all of MARVEL Comics’ characters are owned by them. Read on to learn more about how this problem could be solved.

The MARVEL Cinematic Universe, which is, until now, highly successful, with Two Phases of movies and two spin-off television shows under its belt, and with pre-production and production of the Third Phase of the Cinematic Universe, beginning with “Captain America:Civil War”, which will kick things off, will continue to fascinate movie goers and fans for years to come.

However, if one were to sit down, and compare notes with the fledgling DC Cinematic Universe, one will notice a very big flaw, which could be easily be compensated. The creatively- MARVEL Studios doesn’t own every single character in the MARVEL Comics Universe, which could probably pose some problems in the future.

Characters and teams that are deemed as iconic, such as Deadpool, The Fantastic Four and the X-Men are currently under FOX. The network has been creating a string of successful X-Men prequel films, and an upcoming “Gambit” and “Deadpool” film, and will be creating a television show centered around iconic X-Men such as Jean Grey and Cyclops.

Sony, on the other hand, owns one of MARVEL’s hottest properties, Spider-Man.

However, earlier this year, the problem of Spider-Man was solved as Sony and MARVEL, according to The Hollywood Reporter, managed to broker a “mutually beneficial deal” so that Spider-Man could make an appearance in “Captain America: Civil War”, as Peter Parker, in the comic book event, played a huge part in those events.

In return, Sony, who will be “leasing” Peter Parker to MARVEL Studios, will be able to get more exposure for the character. They will be able to use the newly cast, and younger Peter Parker, for a brand new rebooted “Spider-Man” film franchise.

Now, there’s the problem of the X-Men, who is an iconic superhero team in their own right, but is owned by FOX.

This of course, may confuse viewers, especially as FOX is currently developing a new X-Men series, which leaves the question of what will happen to the character of Quicksilver, It was especially as in the current timeline of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, the speedster met his demise during the battle against Ultron during “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

However, even if they do solve this problem, this means that the entire MARVEL Cinematic Universe will be left without the X-Men or the Fantastic Four, who, in the comics, are important figures when it comes to major storylines and story arcs in their shared comic book universe.

Movie Pilot, however, has suggested, that if FOX and MARVEL Studios cannot agree on a mutually beneficial deal like the deal with Sony and Spider-Man, one way to  resolve the issue of missing superhumans, mutants, and teams, is to replace them with Inhuman equivalents. It was  especially as “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has already introduced this new, superpowered beings, and most especially as the Third Phase of the MARVEL Cinematic Unverse will culminate with a movie about the Inhumans.

According to Comic, a mutually beneficial deal for both studios could involve MARVEL using some characters that FOX owns, and vice versa.

Would you be alright with a MARVEL Cinematic Universe without the X-Men, mutants, and the Fantastic Four?  Let us know all your theories regarding this in the comments below!

And that were all the suggestions on how MARVEL and FOX could solve their dilemma regarding character rights. For more movie and  television news, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

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