Can Popstar Justin Bieber Be Respected–Ever?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Can Popstar Justin Bieber Be Respected–Ever?
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There is no doubt about Justin Bieber’s musical talents. In fact three of his finest songs were released in 2015, which is not a joke for sure. However, Bieber has often been a laughing stock in the music industry. Can he ever be respected?

Of course, the two magic words “Justin” and “Bieber” sums up a controversial personality in the world of music and glamour. He has become a cult figure in the world of pop music and has fame of such magnitude that his name never seems to stop grabbing headlines.

However, it is also true that he has been involved into many controversies lately, with his naked shots and incidents of arrests. So it seems that his personality is now a mixture of opposites.

It was not an ordinary Monday morning. The web was awash with news of Justin’s jubilant performances as he swayed to “What Do You Mean?”, his hit single at the award ceremony of the MTV European Music Awards.

Justin Bieber had a memorable year by far. as it has been full of news scandals, apology tours, and other controversial incidents–and then comes his famous songs: “What Do You Mean?”, “Sorry”, which was recently released, and “Where Are U Now?” where the singer collaborated with Diplo/Skrillex. However, unfortunately for Bieber, his controversies have ensured that he is yet to gain respect for his music.


Though ‘What Do You Mean?” is a big hit, it is not considered to be Justin’s biggest hit to date. The credit for that would definitely go to “Baby” for sure. This was a bubblegum pop hit in the year 2010. “Baby” was a disposable but pleasant pop song from a singer who was regarded to also be a disposable and pleasant popstar at that point in time.

With time, Justin gave us songs that had lesser substance than “Baby”, with an obnoxious and controversial personality.

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