Can Ryan Gosling Save ‘Blade Runner 2?’ Sequel Criticized by the Internet

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Can Ryan Gosling Save ‘Blade Runner 2?’ Sequel Criticized by the Internet

Recent reports suggest that a sequel is the works for Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic, “Blade Runner.” Harrison Ford will be reprising his role as ‘Rick Deckard’, with Ryan Gosling joining. Read on to find out more.

Since 1982, “Blade Runner” has become a massive cult hit. It has been called one of the best movies about technology redefining what humanity truly means. It also features one of the best-loved androids in the history of fiction, Sean Young as the stunningly alluring ‘Racheal.’

That is some big shoes to fill for the sequel, and attempting to fill those shoes is “Sicario” director Denis Villeneuve. “Sicario” recently premiered at the Cannes film festival with Villeneuve’s directing receiving almost universal acclaim. We cannot wait to see what he does to the world of “Blade Runner.”

Gosling is our new protagonist in “Blade Runner 2.” But, Ford will be appearing as an elderly Rick Deckard. Thisof course has massive implication for the movie universe since the first movie ended with Deckard questioning whether he was a human or a ‘replicant.’ And since androids in the “Blade Runner” universe have a short lifespan, an old Rick Deckard would answer that question once and for all. This would render the ending of “Blade Runner”  mostly nonsensical, io9 is arguing.

In the face of massive critical analysis by the internet, Gosling is being quoted as the redeemer for “Blade Runner 2,” according to VC Post Hampton Fancher, the original screenplay writer is also returning.

There already exists a sequel to Phillip K Dick’s “Do Andriod Dream Of Electric Sheep”, on which “Blade Runner” is based. Written in 1995 by K.W. Jeger, the novel “Blade Runner 2” also stars an older Deckard and follows incidents after the movie. It is unlikely, however, that the movie will be based on this work as it was not received very well.

“Blade Runner 2” is currently in pre-production.

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