Can I Wear Your Shoes Experiment [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
Can I Wear Your Shoes Experiment [WATCH VIDEO]

This YouTube video posted by Yousef, aka Fouseytube, shows him asking for shoes from random people on the street. While some people are annoyed, some are confused about the entire situation. Some give quirky replies; some actually give him their shoes.

In the video below, Fousey begins by saying that he realized that he was gradually becoming greedy. He always wanted people, rather the entire world to himself. Then again, he realized that he wants to return the favor to the world as well. So he starts with his Jordan (shoes) collection. He says that he kept on buying so many shoes he didn’t even need. He further  states the concept was simple — he just goes out on the street barefoot and ask people whether he could borrow their shoes so that he can run home and unlock his door. If they said yes, he would go around the corner with their shoes, grab a pair of Jordans, come back and give them both pairs. But the problem is, no one was kind enough to lend their shoes.

Yousef walks into one person who tells him, “ Had I been in your place, I would just walk home barefoot and not ask anyone to lend their shoes.” He further states that it is outright “Weird”.

Yousef says he tried to get reactions for this video for a month. He is totally “against exploiting the homeless for views on YouTube.”

“I feel like it has become an oversaturated tacky trend especially when most of the videos are fake,” Yousef adds.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Uwe Gerig/Deutsche Fotothek

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