Candidates Crisscrossing Country for last four days of Election

By admin | 6 years ago

The long road to the White House is nearing its end. With only four days left before the election, President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney are crisscrossing the nation and going from battleground state to swing state with the hope that one more pitch will convince voters to vote for them.

Following a brief hiatus in the campaign because of Hurricane Sandy, the two candidates resumed their blitz through the nation in their final four days before the election Tuesday. The candidates closing arguments came through loud in clear in the form of stump speeches and television ads.

Travel schedules for the weekend for the candidates made it certain where the election would most likely be decided. President Obama was headed to Ohio from Friday through Monday, while making side trips to Florida, Iowa, Colorado, Wisconsin, Virginia and New Hampshire. Romney’s travel schedule included visits to Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio.

Different statewide poll on Thursday differed on who led the election at this point, in Iowa and Colorado. However, they showed Obama with a lead of one percentage point in Wisconsin and Nevada. Eight out of nine surveys in the past week in Ohio, one of the most important states in the election, showed Obama with a small lead.

Obama told supporters in Wisconsin that the country needed an agenda that was for the middle class and rewards those who are responsible and work hard. He dismissed the claim by Romney that the he was a candidate of change. Obama said we know change when we see it and what the former Massachusetts governor is offering is not change.

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