What can’t make up do for us! Katie Holmes beats jet lag on the set of The Giver after a tiresome week of travel

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Katie Holmes has had a really hectic and busy schedule for The Giver. She has been flying back and forth from New York to Africa and then Back to New York almost every week and her body finally gave way and she got jet lag. However, she took a break from the set and looked remarkably relaxed and stress free.
Katie takes those flights back and forth for her daughter, to see her on the weekends, who is currently seven years of age and then flies back to the other continent to reach in time for the shooting. The flights last 18 hours so you can realize how much stress she would be in.
Katie Holmes taking a break from movie set

Nonetheless she still tends to look great for her role in the adaptation of the children’s novel. It’s the make I’m telling you, its just way too good. On Wednesday Katie was seen struggling with a couple of yawns after she made her way out on the Cape Town set and got her hair and make up done. The star looked fantastic for her condition and the stress she was in.

She was spotted boarding off her plane on Tuesday, looking like a complete mess with loosely fitted jeans and barely brushed hair and not a spot of make up on her. It was clear that she wasn’t ready for her close up shot yet!

Katie Holmes

Source: DailyMail

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