‘Captain America: Civil War’: Baron Zemo Appears On Set Finally

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War’: Baron Zemo Appears On Set Finally

If you were wondering Captain America will only be fighting his former “Avengers” ally Iron Man and Crossbones, you might have to think again. For the main antagonist of the film or at least one of Captain America’s biggest nemesis Baron Zemo has arrived on the sets of “Captain America: Civil War”. Twitter page Atlanta Filming posted a photo of Daniel Bruhl arriving on the sets of the movie.

According to Movie Pilot, Daniel is playing the role of Baron Zemo and has already been shooting for his part. The character is known to be Captain’s biggest nemesis. However everyone must be aware that there were two Zemo’s that Captain America fought. The first one was Dr. Heinrich Zemo in World War II who had a purple mask glued permanently to his face. Second one was his son, Helmut who also sported the same purple mask on his face but that was because his face was completely scarred. Since “Captain America: Civil War” is following the events of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, there are more chances that Daniel will be playing the role of Baron Helmut Zemo. One rumor suggested that his portrayal of Baron Zemo will be more of a diplomatic one and will be causing more tension and unrest between “Avengers” allies Captain America and Iron Man. Nothing was confirmed about it though.

Comic Book also reported that in comics, Zemo was introduced as a brilliant scientist who was working for the Nazis. In one of the missions when Zemo had prepared a super-adhesive that he planned to use for some vicious plan, his plans were spoiled by Captain who destroyed the container that was holding the super-adhesive. This adhesive got poured on Zemo’s face and the purple mask permanently glued to his face. That definitely must have been Dr. Heinrich Zemo who was later succeeded by his son. If Daniel is playing Baron Helmut Zemo, then he will certainly have all the technology in the world available at his disposal and that will just create more problems for our old school Captain. It remains to be seen how Daniel will pull this one off when “Captain America: Civil War” releases on May 6th next year.

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Photo source: Facebook/Heroic Hollywood

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